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At the cutting edge of research in the field of bioimpedance, BioparHom designs, produces and markets medical equipment for analyzing body composition.

Its fields of application are varied and equipment performance is very important in the diagnostic, clinical and scientific areas.


Founded in 2008, BioparHom emerged from the realization that there was a shortage of user-friendly, accurate, reliable equipment for routine clinical and sporting use. Our goal is to provide health, nutrition and sports professionals, together with researchers and vets, with measurement and diagnostic support tools that are as reliable as possible in terms of body composition data (tissues, fluid, physical condition). Constantly searching for innovations and refining the use of impedance measurement, BioparHom has managed to design and produce a range of diagnostic support systems able to measure, calculate and interpret all your physical parameters.


We primarily target the healthcare (nephrology, oncology, geriatrics etc.) and nutrition markets (medical nutrition, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors etc.). The quality of our products is now well established in these markets and we are continuing our research to improve our equipment (such as the option to use it lying down or standing up for elderly people or obese patients) and, above all, provide more and more support for users. On this basis, we have raised funds to develop a new generation of impedance devices that are easier to use while preserving the accuracy and expertise for which we are known.


Chiffres clés

>400 devices in Europe

>180K measurements taken

>5 different markets