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BioMeca® your partner to further your research and development. The expert you need in Biophysic and Mechanobiology analysis


BioMeca® SAS is a biotechnology company based in Lyon, France, since November 2016. The company is specialized in high resolution structural and mechanical characterization of biological samples, from large structures, such as hair and skin cells, down to individual molecules of DNA and proteins with sub-molecular resolution. BioMeca® also has the ability to study the behaviour of an organism (cells, organs) and its constituents (proteins, molecules) in response to the constraints exerted by the physical, chemical or electromagnetic environment in which it operates.

BioMeca® is a leader in biomechanical and mecanobiology analysis in optimal conditions for Biotechnologies, Pharmaceutics, Cosmetic and academic partners. The technologies (AFM = Atomic Force Microscopy, Indentor) and protocols develop by BioMeca® can give a stronger dimension to your projects. BioMeca® offers personalized and professional services. Our team is always looking for solutions to offer you a service tailored to your needs. At BioMeca®, your samples can go through:

- Analysis: our fleet of instruments and our expertise offer the solutions to your analytical needs: nano-structural details, physical properties measurements, studies from large biological samples down to individual molecules with sub-molecular resolution (DNA, protein unfolding, DNA/protein interactions).

- R&D: our privileged collaborations with research laboratories (actually: 3 ANRs and 1 INCA (Institut National du Cancer) allow us to offer you efficient and innovative biophysical and biomechanical analysis adapted to biological samples.

- Our difference, our strength: BioMeca® is not only a service, it’s also: an accessible team, dynamic and responsive; an interdisciplinary expertise (microscopy, biological samples: plants, animals, cells, DNA, skin) and 15 years experience (more than 20 publications).



About BioMeca®
Julien Chlasta, PhD, CEO and Pascale Milani, PhD, CTO found the company. BioMeca® is established in a dynamic scientific cluster and followed by Beelys “French pepite dispositive”. BioMeca® is reward of the “Jeune Entreprise de l’Année 2016” price (CCILyon).