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Aptys designs and develops the most appropriate formulation
to the specification of your active substance


Aptys was founded in 2002 on the basis of patents from the laboratory of Biopharmacy of the University of Clermont-Ferrand. Since then, the company has designed and developed many formulations for its clients and for its own account. Some of them have reached the market such as a bioadhesive buccal tablet (Loramyc®), a pulmonary suspension, a rectal gel. Others are in phase II or III such as a transdermal cream (Testocream®) or an injectable depot of a peptide.


The company, situated at the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne close to the international airport and to the main research centers of the area of Clermont-Ferrand, consists of:


  • A formulation laboratory equipped with apparatus for the design and control of most of pharmaceutical formulations: granulators, fluid bed dryer, tableting machine, mixers, homogenizers…
  • A analytical laboratory equipped to carry out formulation support, analytical development and validations, quality control and ICH stability studies: HPLCs, spectrophotometers, dissolution apparatus, stability chambers…

The company is particularly expert in the development of peptide based products, depot formulations and semi-solid dosage forms. Moreover, thanks to its local network, Aptys has highly skilled partners to carry out in vivo and ex vivo studies in order to evaluate the formulations. We can also run some operations in isolators to work with toxic substances and hormones.


The company is GMP certified by the French Agency for quality control of drugs for human use and the all activity is ISO 9001 certified and tax credit approved.


Our mission: to deliver a package allowing the GMP production of the drug: a recipe to make a stable and efficient formulation; validated analytical methods; stability studies on prototypes similar to those for human use.