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AMA Research Solutions

AMA Research Solutions is a young biotech startup, created by Pierre Burguière, PhD and specialized in Advanced Microbial Analytics. AMA-RS is based on the pioneering and cutting-edge work performed by its founder and his associates for several years in this field.


With our unique expertise in Flow Cytometry applied to Microbiology, we have developed innovative solutions for the analysis of beneficial microbes for health (i.e. probiotics, nutraceuticals, live biotherapeutics) and microbiota.


Our services are focusing on 4 main axis :


Development & validation of rapid flow cytometry analytical methods

  • Specific quantification and microbial viability in multi-strain products
  • Specific detection of pathogens and contaminants


Analytical services

  • Microbiological quality control using flow cytometry


Microbial strains characterization

  • Whole genome sequencing : identification, functional and comparative genomics
  • Strain safety evaluation (in silico, in vitro, in vivo)
  • Models for strain screening and selection
  • Mechanistic studies of host/probiotics/microbiota interactions


Technical writing

  • Scientific articles
  • Regulatory submisions
  • Quality documentation


AMA Research Solutions objective is to support research, development, innovation and quality in the field of beneficial microbes for health and microbiota.