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Alma Bio Therapeutics, laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030

Alma Bio TherapeuticsLyonbiopole’s  member - laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030 new “phase I Start-up phase”


The new phase I of the second Challenge launched in September 2015 aims to select, within the framework of a competitive process in favor of SMEs and novel ideas, pioneering projects presenting major innovations addressing one of the eight Goals identified by the Innovation 2030 Commission.


  • Goal 1: Energy storage
  • Goal 2: Collecting, sorting and recycling materials
  • Goal 3: Development of marine resources, metals and seawater desalination.
  • Goal 4: Development of plant protein-based food products and plant chemistry projects aiming to develop new materials.
  • Goal 5: Personalized medicine - Individualized targeted therapeutic interventions based, for example, on genomics, medical devices and/or high-resolution imagery.
  • Goal 6: Silver economy – answering the elderly’s needs
  • Goal 7: Big Data – Improved use of big data and definition of new usages, analytical models and promotion.
  • Goal 8: Innovation projects on public security and protection against threats.

These 8 goals can be seen as pillars for France's future development and the selected projects foster a particularly strong potential for the French economy.

Alma Bio Therapeutics' (Alma) “PERSONALIZED MEDICINE FOR INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE” (PEM4IBD) project has been awarded under the "personalized medicine" OMICS goal.

Alma pioneers a completely novel type of treatment for autoimmune diseases. It is safe and curative, addressing the cause of disease rather than its symptoms. Alma’s game changer therapeutic approach employs Heat Shock Proteins (HSP), the body`s own immune regulator molecules; HSP are recognized as self-antigens by potent self-reactive Regulatory Tcells (Treg).

In response to excess body inflammation, HSP recruit disease-suppressive Treg from the circulation, boost them in-vivo and direct them toward the target tissue. Thus, Alma’s treatment acts locally and only when required, without compromising the immune system.
Proof of concept and mechanism of action were demonstrated in two animal models of IBD.

The Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030 PEM4IBD project aims at maximizing the anticipated therapeutic benefits of Alma’s drug for IBD patient populations, through a personalized approach, based upon the analysis of multiple "OMICS" data.

PEM4IBD results will be pivotal to Alma’s pre-clinical regulatory studies, and will facilitate a successful transition to ‘first in man’ clinical studies in refractory IBD patients and the creation of early alliances with biopharma companies upon completion of phase IIa.

The financial support from the French government via this challenge is intended to promote the success of companies, existing or under development, to accelerate the commercialization of their product, service or innovative process, not yet available on the market.



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