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iDD biotech is granted 2 additional patents

 iDD biotech is granted 2 additional patents in USA and in Japan about its innovative oncology therapeutic Fc optimized MAb anti-CD19




iDD biotech is pleased to announce the grant allowance notice of both Japan Patent (japan Application 2013-520114)) and also US Patent (US Patent Application 13/811,045). These patents, together with already granted China Patent provide protection for the “Best-in-Class” therapeutic MAb IDD001 directed against CD19.

IDD001 includes three key tumoricidal activities against B-lymphoma or B-Leukemia as Antibody‐Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC), Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) and apoptosis cell death.

The grant of these patents provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by iDD biotech and support the Company's growing portfolio around its lead product candidate.

Paul Michalet, iDD biotech CEO commented: “Targeting CD19 is a promising approach to treat B-cell malignancies, and Claudine Vermot-Desroches, our CSO, and her team have developed MAbs with higher potency levels and pharmacokinetic compared to other anti-CD19 existing MAbs. IDD001 MAb anti-CD19 is in the pre-clinical phase for which we have already developed a well-advanced bioprocess for 50 l scale and have gained evidence of robust results, including In Vivo animal testing on PDX models. Considering their cutting edge positioning, including patient stratification approach, we are confident on iDD biotech product development capabilities to move towards clinical development and Dr Yannick Plétan, our acting CMO as already designed the next steps for clinical trial. IDD001 MAb for the B-leukaemia and B- lymphoma treatments offer a strong opportunity for value creation in our company“.


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