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Seven innovative and concrete health projects win the 5th Hacking Health Lyon


Hacking Health Lyon, led by i-Care LAB promotes inclusive innovation by connecting individuals with the aim of solving concrete health problems. The 5th edition took place on 14, 15 and 16 January 2021.


This year, the 100% digital format enabled more than 550 people to get involved. The driving forces of the region, namely innovators, health professionals, users, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, in total 227 people, created 14 multidisciplinary teams to propose concrete projects in response to six major challenges corresponding to issues in the health, medical, social and health prevention fields. Seven teams were selected!





CHALLENGE #1 - Training in digital tools for healthcare professionals: from theory to practice?

The MyBod project for the implementation of a connected badge for healthcare professionals in the operating room to facilitate identification, reduce patient anxiety and increase team efficiency.

CHALLENGE #2 - Active seniors: solutions to prevent health problems

The Elfy Life project for the creation of a bot encouraging active seniors aged 45 and over to take care of their health.

CHALLENGE #3 - Patient experience in oncology

The HEAR ME project for the creation of an intelligent digital solution to support patients in identifying their basic needs. Sharing data with practitioners would facilitate exchanges and understanding.

CHALLENGE #4 - Rare diseases: how to limit diagnostic errors

The TILT project would allow healthcare professionals to identify, through an app, whether the symptoms they detect are indicative of a rare disease. If this is the case, the app would automatically communicate the contact details of the corresponding sector to carry out additional diagnoses.


CHALLENGE #5 - Local health coordination: what place for prevention?

A Family in Shape project to create an interface for overweight and sedentary children and their families. The interface would offer a list of family activities and the child could participate in them in a fun way, in the form of a game. The child’s progress would then be visible.

Challenge #6 - Forced isolation: what impact on mental health?

The #StudeeLink project to reduce the social isolation of students and promote access to a supportive community by creating a chatbot that would identify suitable communities and signpost towards them if necessary.

A 7th Coup de cœur project has been awarded.

The SOLYDAIRES project to fight against isolation and prevent suicide by creating a network of sentries, available through an app to listen, meet and provide advice.


These seven projects will now receive support from the organising structures and partners of the event, in order to accelerate their development and transformation. They will be able to benefit from opportunities (AAP for example) and special relationships within the region’s health ecosystem. The i-Care LAB will facilitate networking and skills sharing for the benefit of the development of various projects.

Lyonbiopole is a founding member of i-Care LAB. i-Care LAB is an open innovation space dedicated to healthcare applications, its aim is to promote the emergence of new solutions and to facilitate experimentation in real conditions in contact with users and healthcare professionals.