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3C Health

3C health (Connect, Check & Care for Health), is an innovative MedTech & eHealth company with an expertise in the field of connected medical technologies. We offer solutions to health professionals aiming for better detection, prevention and overall health improvement methods. Our first medical device, currently under development, Scanpulse is designated for cardiovascular risk prevention. It allows for innovative, non invasive, practical and user friendly evaluation of arterial stiffness (especially central pressure and pulse wave velocity) and consequent potential risk of a cardiovascular event. These measurement tools lean on comprehensive and high-performing software assuring monitoring of the patients.



Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) is a parameter validated for its correlative accuracy in numerous cardiovascular pathologies, that has been neglected due to its operating difficulties. Thanks to our efforts, this high-precision parameter allowing for actual as well as predictive evaluation of the patient’s state has become largely more accessible to clinical medical practice. We used new technologies both at sensors and IT processing of data levels.  Very importantly, the ergonomics of new devices have also been improved .


Great number of international scientific publications demonstrate the importance of Pulse Wave Rate measurement as a prevailing method in prognostic and predictive values ​​in many cardiovascular pathologies.


The 3C health Company was created in November 2016 and is headed by Guillaume Blivet, who has extensive background in innovative medical projects in e-health sector. The pool of team-players includes doctors, cardiologists, some of which are e-health investors, and also IT, Optics, Electronics, Signal Processing and Medical Imaging Engineers.

In March 2017 the company has increased its capital with  Tmm Groupe, a digital health company.




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