Hubert Endtz

Directeur Scientifique de la Fondation Mérieux

Hubert EndtzScientific Director of Fondation Mérieux since October 2013, Hubert Endtz is a microbiologist with a broad, international background. Most recently, he has been Head of R&D and deputy Chairman of the Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. He still holds the chair of Professor of Tropical Bacteriology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and is a member of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative and the Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine at Erasmus University.



From 2007 till 2012 he held leadership positions at the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), where he directed the Centre for Food and Waterborne Diseases and the Laboratory Sciences Division. He continues to be involved with ICDDR,B as an Associate Scientist.

Hubert Endtz is in charge of leading teams at the Emerging Pathogens Laboratory in Lyon (France) and at the Christophe Mérieux Laboratory, part of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), in Beijing. Enhancing local research capabilities is one of Fondation Mérieux’s primary objectives. The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory coordinates collaborative research programs focused on diseases that pose a particular threat to developing and emerging countries.



It coordinates a global network of laboratories known as GABRIEL*, which conducts research on subjects such as respiratory pathogens causing severe pneumonia in children and multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory is located next to the P4 Jean Mérieux Laboratory and its teams have preferential access to this BSL4 maximum-security research unit, belonging to the Fondation and managed by Inserm.


Hubert Endtz will be based in France and continues to be in engaged in his research and teaching missions as well as the Chair in Tropical Bacteriology at Erasmus University in the Netherlands.


Professor Endtz holds M.D. and PhD. degrees from Leiden University Medical School in the Netherlands and his post-graduate training includes work in tropical medicine at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3 in Cairo and at the Mycology Department at Institut Pasteur in Paris. He is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications.


*Global Approach for Biological Research on Infectious Epidemics in Low-Income countries

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