HEpatocellular CArcinoma Multi-technological

Identity card

Global budget: 34.6 k€

Public funding: 18.2 k€

Public funders: Oséo / BPI France (except FUI)

Call for projects: PSPC

Year start: 2014

Ongoing project

Accredited by the French competitiveness cluster Medicen Paris Region

Co-accredited by the French competitiveness cluster Lyonbiopôle

More information: https://www.hecam.fr/fr/project

Strategic business area: Medical Technologies

Application fields: Oncology

Technological approaches / Keywords: Bioinformatics / Software, Imaging (medical), Minimally Invasive Technologies

Stage of development at the beginning of the project: Preclinical development


Develop early detection, diagnostic and treatment solutions for HCC.



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