Netrin Lung

Proof of concept of the efficiency of a drug candidate in the treatment of lung cancer

Identity card

Global budget: 834 k€

Public funding: 400 k€

Public funders: Cancéropôle CLARA, Grand Lyon

Call for projects: Proof of concept CLARA

Year start: 2008

Completed project (2012-08)

Strategic business area: Human Medicines

Application fields: Oncology, Lung

Technological approaches / Keywords: Biologics

Stage of development at the beginning of the project: Discovery


DRs are trans-membrane proteins that behave like “molecular switches” operated by their ligand (absence of the ligand induces apoptosis). Netrin-1 ligand is over-expressed in 60% of breast tumors and appears to be highly correlated to cancer metastatic potentiality. The therapeutic approach was to titrate the ligand with a drug candidate, to let the DR re-induce a cell death signal.


 The aim of the project was to design, produce and optimize such a drug candidate, to determine its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics and its efficacy in mice models of lung cancer.

Innovative assets

Innovative assets

   -Development of a drug candidate in a context of targeted therapeutic strategy  -Use of Netrin-1 expression level as a prognosis marker