NT3 Target

Inhibition of the NT-3/TrkC interaction and its application to the treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Identity card

Global budget: 779 k€

Public funding: 378 k€

Public funders: Cancéropôle CLARA, FEDER Rhône-Alpes, Grand Lyon

Call for projects: Proof of concept CLARA

Year start: 2009

Completed project (2013-06)

Strategic business area: Human Medicines

Application fields: Oncology

Technological approaches / Keywords: Biobank, Biologics, Chemotherapy

Stage of development at the beginning of the project: Discovery


The therapeutic approach was to develop an interfering molecule which disturbs TrkC/NT-3 binding and confirms the pertinence to target TrkC/NT-3 in breast cancer and find other indications where NT-3 is overexpressed.


Dependence Receptors are trans-membrane proteins that behave like molecular switches operated by their ligand : the absence of the ligand induces apoptosis.TrkC was found to be a Dependence Receptor and its ligand, NT-3, is overexpressed in a majority of tumors stemming from aggressive stade 4 neuroblastoma.

Innovative assets

Innovative assets

 -Development of an interfering agent in a context of targeted therapeutic strategy  -Use of NT-3 and/or TrkC expression level as a prognosis marker