A novel immunotherapy approach for cancer with Vaccin'ERY System®

GR-CAV1 est accrédité par Lyonbiopôle

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Global budget: 1260 k€

Public funding: 567 k€

Public funders: Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) – DGCIS/Oséo, Région Rhône-Alpes, Other (General Council of Rhône)

Call for projects: FUI (FUI AAP7)

Year start: 2009

Completed project (2012-06)

Accredited by the French competitiveness cluster Lyonbiopôle

Strategic business area: Human Medicines

Application fields: Oncology, Orphan diseases

Technological approaches / Keywords: Drug delivery system, Immunotherapy

Stage of development at the beginning of the project: Preclinical development


ERYtech Pharma has developed a system to deliver both tumor-associated antigens (TAA)  and adjuvant to APC by the same vehicle. The strategy is to use red blood cells (RBC) as a vector for TAA to target dendritic cells (DC) from the spleen and generate immune responses against TAA. Mature RBC circulate until senescent or damaged and are then phagocytosed predominantly by the macrophages and DC of the reticuloendothelial system. Thus using RBC loaded with TAA may be a suitable alternative approach to target naturally and in situ the DC.


The aim goal of this industrial project is to provide the animal proof of concept for the use of red blood cell (RBC) loaded with tumor-associated antigens (TAA) and adjuvants to specifically target and activate immune cells in situ to induce cytotoxic immune response against cancer. This approach will be assessed in mice bearing melanoma tumors.This project constitutes the cornerstone of the forthcoming clinical development of a novel cancer immunotherapy. ERYtech Pharma’s technology allows delivery of a panel of TAA within RBC.  In consequence, several other tumors would be addressed  

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Innovative assets


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