Novel Avian Influenza Diva Recombinant Vaccines for Duck

NOVADUCK est accrédité par Lyonbiopôle

Identity card

Global budget: 2140¤ k€

Public funding: 1416¤ k€

Public funders: European Commission

Call for projects: European funding (FP6)

Year start: 2007

Completed project (2010-03)

Accredited by the French competitiveness cluster Lyonbiopôle

Strategic business area: Animal Medicines, Medical Technologies

Application fields: Infectious diseases

Technological approaches / Keywords: Biologics, Vector vaccine

Stage of development at the beginning of the project: Discovery, Preclinical development


  The best H5N1 HA gene selected using a DNA vaccination model in ducks was inserted in pox and paramyxovirus (NDV) viral vectors. The HI titers induced by 3 poxvirus vectors were low but significantly increased by an inactivated vaccine boost. This prime/boost induced a good level of H5N1 protection in 3 duck types. The NDV vector expressed HA at the surface of NDV virions and unexpectedly, induced high and long-term protection in 3 types of ducklings after 1 mucosal admin. at 1-day-old with no detectable HI titers. A prime-boost using pox and NDV vectors further improved the protection.   


The NOVADUCK project aimed to develop new avian influenza vaccines for ducks based on live viral vectors and in line with the DIVA strategy. More specifically, objectives were to identify the optimal AI immunogenic sequence(s) to be inserted into the selected live vectors; to generate and optimize three types of live recombinant vector-based vaccines; to measure the immune response, the safety, the immunogenicity and the efficacy of the vaccine candidates; to study the effect of vaccination on genetic/antigenic drift and to select the best candidate to be developed. 

Innovative assets
Actual results

Innovative assets

The NOVADUCK project contributes to the better understanding on the duck immune system and optimal influenza vaccines for ducks. In particular, the prime-boost regimens using two vectors (a fowlpox followed by a newcastle disease virus vector) or a vector (fowlpox virus) followed by a killed vaccine showed optimal and long life protections. 

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