Alma Bio Therapeutics

Alma Bio Therapeutics est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

317, avenue Jean Jaurès - Bâtiment Accinov

69007 LYON

Incorporated in: 2013/11/25

Number of employees: 2

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Main activity

Alma  Bio Therapeutics is pioneering the "POST BIOLOGICS" GENERATION of curative immune modulator drugs that communicate in the language of the immune system. The company's novel family of therapeutic drugs  are the BODY's OWN Physiological Regulators, not small-molecule drugs or an antibody biologic designed or developed in the lab.    


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: Seeking early stage funding to facilitate completion of preclinical trials.

Private funding obtained: Business angels.

Public funding obtained: 400K Euro BPI funding July 2014

Stock exchange listing: No

Products / Services / Technologies

Strategic area of application
Human Medicine

Application market
Gastro-enterology - Immune, AutoIm & Inflam. diseases

Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Molecular Biology and Nucleic acid