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282, rue André Philip

69003 LYON

Incorporated in: 2012/03/12

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APCure is a company developing Immunotherapy products based on BacVac, a highly innovative technology that uses a live, harmless and bioengineered bacterial vector. This technology is unique, as it combines the great efficacy and safety with the simplicity of the pharmaceutical development. It was ideated, developed and patented by the TheREx academic laboratory in Grenoble (France), under the lead of Pr B. Polack and Pr. B. Toussaint. Using this technology, APCure will generate new products for the treatment of many types of tumors and infectious diseases, aiming to become a leading developer of active immunotherapy products.


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: For pre-clinical and clinical evaluations of LTvax, APCure is seeking for investment which will be guaranteed by the evaluation of the LTvax efficacy & safety, LTvax production in pharmaceutical conditions, and development of a predictive tool of LTvax efficacy, based on immunomonitoring analysis.

Public funding obtained: bpifrance CLARA

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Human Medicine

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Immune, AutoIm & Inflam. diseases - Infectiology - Parasitology - Oncology

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Cell Therapy - cell biology - Biobanking - Vaccine