HawkCell est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

59 rue de l'abondance

69003 Lyon

Incorporated in: 2019/03/05

Number of employees: 1

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Main activity

HawkCell provides in vivo MRI services on animals (from 1 to 150kg). We extend the potential of preclinical studies with specific analysis and quantification of physiopathology processes. Using MRI, HawkCell offers additional in vivo information about tissue structure, biochemical content and functional parameters. Thus, we provide in vivo insights about drugs and medical devices, such as innocuity, biocompatibility… Our MRI system and post-processing algorithms have been optimized for animal imaging.


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: 300k€ in equity. 200k€ are about to be funded tranks to a parisian FCPI fund.

Public funding obtained: 11k€ from Inovizi Emergence


Strategic area of application
Human Medicine

Application market
Cardiology - Neurological diseases - Oncology


(Bio) Informatics & software - Imaging