Aptys pharma

Aptys pharma est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

Biopole Clermont-Limagne

63360 Saint-Beauzire

Incorporated in: 2002/11/07

Number of employees: 15

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Main activity

Aptys pharma group, specialized in the design of formulations develops innovative products for its clients through its branch Aptys pharmaservices and for its own account through its branch Aptys pharmaceuticals. For example, Loramyc and Testocream@ are based on Aptys pharma technologies. Metapain, a combination of two analgesics codeveloped with Unither pharmaceuticals is currently in phase 3. Aptys group includes one GMP laboratory specialized in analytical development, quality control and ICH stability studies and a design laboratory equipped to carried out preformulation and innovative formulation studies. Aptys group works for pharmaceutical, veterinary as well as biotechnology companies to design and develop the best formulation for their molecules.


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: € 1.5m

Private funding obtained: € 3.55m

Public funding obtained: € 600 000 in 2016-2017 (BPI, Conseil Régional Auvergne Rhône Alpes, FEDER)

Products / Services / Technologies

Strategic area of application
Human Medicine

Application market

Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech - CRO

Analytical & Diagnostic services - Drug delivery device - services