General information

BHT-Bât 52 - 7 parvis Louis Néel - BP 50

38040 Grenoble cedex 9

Incorporated in: 2009/02/09

Number of employees: 20

Turnover: €2266967 (in 2018)

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Main activity

Fluoptics develops innovative fluorescence imaging solutions for real-time guided surgery. Its technology relies on near infrared fluorescence optical imaging of markers such as indocyanine green dye (ICG). The goal of fluorescence imaging is to provide surgeons with real time information on the location of fluorescent markers during surgery. This complementary tool drastically secures procedures and improves patient’s outcome. It eases the work of surgeons, and by improving the efficiency of their procedures, helps to reduce complication costs.


Looking for funding: Yes

Products / Services / Technologies

Strategic area of application
Medical Technologies

Application market
Endocrinology - Gynecology & Obstetric - Oncology

Diagnostics - Medical device

Imaging - Surgical & Medical instruments