Nouveal e-santé

General information

35 rue d'yvours

69540 Irigny

Incorporated in: 2013/09/16

Number of employees: 20

Turnover: €350000 (in 2015)


Main activity

Nouveal e-health has developed e-fitback, the digital assistant for patient relationship management which supports patients and healthcare professionals during the whole care pathway, from preadmission to post-operative follow-up. e-fitback has been first designed for healthcare centers willing to enhance outpatient surgery and ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery).Besides reducing the average length of stay of patients, e-fitback allows healthcare centers to customize and set up care delivered to patients, thus improving their satisfaction.Before the operation, patients can carry out all the administrative paperwork from home via e-fitback, avoiding multiple trips to the healthcare center. Besides e-fitback helps patients preparing their stay thanks to checklists, educational content, professional advice).After the operation, e-fitback helps medical teams in the early detection of potential complications the days after their discharge, and facilitates the assessment of the quality of care delivered to patients.


Looking for funding: Yes


Strategic area of application
Medical Technologies

Application market
Oncology - Orthopaedics & Traumatology - Others

Diagnostics - E-Health

Analytical & Diagnostic services - (Bio) Informatics & software - Others