NOVASEP est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

39 Saint-Jean-de-Dieu

69007 Lyon

Incorporated in: 1996/01/01

Number of employees: 1144

Turnover: €270M (in 2019)


Main activity

Novasep is an international group with multiple R&D, engineering and manufacturing facilities all around the world. With 1150 employees, spread over 11 industrial sites based on 3 continents, Novasep delivers services for the life sciences industries with specialized & differentiating technologies. We provide 2 services: - flexible contract development & manufacturing (CDMO) solutions for small molecule APIs & biopharmaceuticals to innovators - process engineering and supply of purification equipment. As a CDMO, we propose a wide range of flexible cGMP manufacturing assets on multiple sites with an outstanding regulatory track record. We are a world leader in a number of key technologies including industrial chromatography (batch and continuous), hazardous & cryogenic chemistry, HPAPIs and ADCs. As part of its Rise-2 growth strategy, Novasep constantly invests and modernizes its equipment to meet the demands of its customers while ensuring both the safety of its employees and the minimization of its environmental impact. Our recent €6.5 million investment to upgrade an API manufacturing workshop at its Chasse-sur-Rhône site (69 - France) is one example of this commitment.


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: Looking for collaborative R&D projects and associated funding in innovative manufacturing processes.  

Products / Services / Technologies

Strategic area of application
Human Medicine

Application market
Cardiology - Oncology - Others

CMO - Technology provider

Chemical synthesis services & medicinale chemistry - Vaccine - Antibodies - Protein - Peptide