MaaT Pharma

MaaT Pharma est membre de Lyonbiopôle

General information

317 avenue Jean Jaures

69007 Lyon

Incorporated in: 2014/12/12

Number of employees: 20

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Main activity

MaaT Pharma (stands for Microbiota as a Therapy) is proposing a new medical paradigm by developing a series of microbial drugs aiming at restoring the man-microbes symbiosis. MaaT Pharma's mission is to restore the symbiotic Relationship between humans and their microbial counterparts. We are developing drugs and solutions to improve everyone's health by restoring this equilibrium derived from a long co-evolution and altered by modern life-style, nutritional transition and therapeutic attitudes. In the promising and growing market of Human Microbiome, MaaT Pharma is leading the Fecal Microbiota Transplant area with a primary focus on preventing and treating complications arising from severe medical treatement in Onco-hematology and Infectious diseases.


Looking for funding: Yes

Nature of funding searches: The company is funded to develop its intial lead product and is looking for fundings to support subsequent phase II clinical development, product development and scale up and early stage discovery programs

Private funding obtained: 1m€ - Dec 2014 1m€ - July 2015 10M€ - March 2016 Tranche 1 - 5m€ April 2016; Tranche 2 - 5m€ June 2017

Public funding obtained: 900.000 € - "Aide à l'innovation" - Feb 2015 16.800 € - "Aide à l'innovation" - Feb 2015 1,2 m€ - Concours mondial de l'Innovation - March 2015

Products / Services / Technologies
Partnership opportunities / Licensing

Strategic area of application
Human Medicine

Application market
Gastro-enterology - Infectiology - Parasitology - Oncology

Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

(Bio) Informatics & software - Cell Therapy - cell biology - Biobanking - Drug delivery device - services