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Eléa Thibault Greugny

PhD en Biologie Computationnelle

I am an enthusiastic scientist, driven by improving healthcare and impacting positively people's lives.

My desire for continuous learning and my scientific curiosity have led me to computational modeling and systems biology. In my eyes, building a relevant model to answer a particular question requires a deep understanding of the system in order to select the most appropriate factors and phenomenons to integrate.

I am open-minded and always curious to learn about new subjects or cultures. I actively work to build an environment where everyone feels included and valued.



  • Bio informatique
  • Data management & Données de santé
  • R&D & Etudes


  • De 2 à 5 ans

Niveau d'étude

  • Supérieur à BAC + 5

Contrat(s) recherché(s)

  • CDI


  • 69 - Rhône