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H2020 Health – Call 2. Digital transformation of health (RIA – 1 stage)

Les grandes lignes de l'appel à projets

Type de l'appel : Collaboratif

Date d'ouverture : 25 Juin 2019

Date de clôture : 18 Juin 2020

Dimension : Europe

Financement :

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : Toutes thématiques

Secteur(s) industriel(s) : Tout secteur

SC1-DTH-02-2020: Personalised early risk prediction, prevention and intervention based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies

Scope: Proposals should build on results of projects and the state of the art in ICT for early risk prediction and introduce innovative ICT solutions through data, data analytics, advanced or novel digital technologies, services, products, organisational changes, and citizens data ownership, that lead to more effective health and care systems. These innovative ICT based solutions may address one or multiple conditions and explore ways of inducing adequate personalised preventive measures (e.g. behavioural change, diet, interventions, medication primary prevention) from advanced predictive models. Sustainable behaviour change refers to efforts to change people’s personal habits to prevent disease, stimulate healthy people to monitor their health parameters and thus lowering the risk of developing (chronic) conditions.

SC1-DTH-04-2020: International cooperation in smart living environments for ageing people

Scope: Proposals should develop and validate new solutions leading to smart living environments for ageing people, supporting independent active and healthy lifestyles. The proposed solutions should provide personalised advice, guidance and follow-up for key
age and health related issues in daily life which impact the person’s ability to remain active, healthy and independent. These may include amongst others diet, physical activity, risk avoidance, preventive measures, lifestyle and activity management, leisure, social
participation and overall wellness and health. Proposals should pay particular focus to measures aimed at fostering social participation and avoiding social exclusion. Proposal should convincingly describe the planned progress beyond state of the art in the development and integration of trusted smart living environments for ageing people, which should build upon intelligent and interoperable information and communication technology (ICT) environments, access to relevant physiological and behavioural data, emotional
computing, open platform and Internet of Things approaches.

SC1-DTH-06-2020: Accelerating the uptake of computer simulations for testing medicines and medical devices

Scope: Proposals will develop innovative scientific and technological computer modelling solutions for testing medicines and/or medical devices. The proposed computer modelling solutions will be the result of a multidisciplinary effort (e.g. within the fields of computational modelling, chemo/bio-informatics, systems biology, pharmacology, -omics (genomics, epigenomics, metabolomics), tissue mechanics, biology, pharmaceutics, medicine, physiology, toxicology, social science aspects such as gender) and should also explore and inform of the reasons for failure should the drug or medical device be found not efficient or safe and will suggest improvements. To help adopt such in-silico methods, measures for validation (human trials, animal studies, in vivo and in vitro validation, including the use of biobanks if appropriate) of the in-silico results should be included in the proposed projects. 

The benefit for human health, environment and animal welfare should be analysed and quantified. Engagement with regulators and consideration of the regulatory framework issues for computer simulations are highly recommended. Participation of SMEs is encouraged.

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