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To understand host-virus relationships during viral infections (retroviruses, arboviruses, zoonoses) in mammals (humans, animals) and in insects by developing pathophysiological, cellular and molecular approaches. In addition and based on our expertise on lung pathology, rare lung diseases are studied. Our programs are developed in collaboration with clinicians and veterinarians (One Health), in a context of comparative pathology. In parallel, the unit develops molecular and cellular tools (organoïds, 3D cultures) as well as strategies to fight against these viruses or pathologies.


Strategic Domain of Application: Biotech - Pharma, MedTech, In vitro Diagnotics

Therapeutics areas: Infectious Diseases, Pneumology - Respiratory Diseases, Veterinary medicine

Technologies: in vitro & Ex Vivo model, Imaging, Molecular Biology & Nucleic acid


Unit code: UMR 754
Affiliation organization: INRA, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)



Arboviral Infections : host-to-host and cell-to-cell

Arbovirus, virus entry, transmission, interaction host-pathogen, insect, virus , apoptosis, cell signalling, imaging, organoids, 3D culture

Contact: Pierre-Yves Lozach - pierre-yves.lozach@univ-lyon1.fr

Pathogenesis, Retrovirus and Rare Tumors

Retrovirus, JSRV, ENTV, EIAV, lung, cancer, rare tumors, thymoma, interaction host-pathogen, oncogenesis

Contact: Caroline Leroux - caroline.leroux@univ-lyon1.fr

Biology of Bunyavirales

Arbovirus, phlebovirus, Rift Valley Fever Virus RVFV, interaction host-pathogen, vector transmission, virus, ex-vivo, in insecto, reverse genetic, drosophila, mosquitoes

Contact: Maxime Ratinier - maxime.ratinier@univ-lyon1.fr


Université Lyon 1
Bat Recherche
50 av Tony Garnier 69007 Lyon



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