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Science et Surface (Lyon, France) is a Contract Laboratory for physical and chemical surface and interface analyses of materials and nanomaterials. Unique in Europe, with 30 years of experience in analytical service for industry and research, we own cutting edge and up-to date techniques such as XPS, ToF-SIMS (2), D-SIMS (2), HR-SEM, SEM-EDX, GD-OES (2), FTIR, ...., all available in a same location. Our application fields are new materials for traditional industries and since a few years, medical devices, biological materials and smart materials implanted in human body. Our analytical techniques, which are scarcely used in medical field, have already brought a thorough knowledge of the composition and nature of materials surface such as antimicrobial textiles, histological sections and drugs delivery.


Strategic application domain: Medical Technologies

Type of activity: Diagnostics, Technology provider

Created on june 15th, 1985 - 10 employees



64 chemin des Mouilles 69130 ECULLY



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