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Nano-H develops and uses innovative technology for manufacturing new materials, nanoparticle hybrids. Innovative company, it offers service and material for high technology industries and research laboratories: phosphors, counterfeiting, plotter, medical imaging and bio-sensors, biological detection and in-vivo or in vitro. Products are high quality by their size and their chemical and physical adaptability. The  materials are defined by specific nanoparticle hybrids with size and surface adaptable to graft hybrid molecules : organic (fluorpohores) or biological. The many additional properties of these nano-hybrid : optical, magnetic, radio-active, ensure a real multifunctional tool. They are also new contrast agents (medical imaging), therapeutic agents (oncology) and tracers in the fields of cell labeling and tracking and anti-counterfeit marking mass or unit.


Strategic application domain: Medical Technologies

Application market: Oncology, Pneumology - Respiratory Diseases

Type of activity: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Pharma or Biotech

Technologies: Cell Therapy - Stem cells - Cell Biology - Biobanking, Imaging, Nanotechnology

Created on dec. 27th, 2004 - 6 employees



2 place de l'Europe Bat. A Parc d'activite GVIO 38070 Saint Quentin Fallavier



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