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ECOFECT – Eco-evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases - is one of the 12 Laboratories of Excellence supported by the Université de Lyon Education and Research Cluster. 

The ambition of ECOFECT is to better understand dynamics of infectious diseases to define new therapeutic approaches and to deploy innovative and sustainable strategies of fight.

Infectious diseases are expressed in a complex environment. To decipher their mechanisms and risk factors of development, it is necessary to combine different research areas (microbiology, immunology, ecology, evolution, modeling) and make them interact. ECOFECT builds this new expertise based on the complementarity of different communities of excellence in Lyon.



Affiliation organization: CNRS, ENS Lyon, HCL (Hospices Civils de Lyon), INRA, INSERM, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), VetAgro Sup



Campus LyonTech La Doua / Gerland
Bâtiment Atrium 69622 Villeurbanne / Lyon



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