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Innov’Pulse offers a custom-made, ankle foot orthosis (AFO-medical device), with world patented helical shape made in carbon.

The AFO InnovPulse gathers into one the benefits of each similar and existing orthosis on the market : light, easy to put on, reliable, allows flexion when walking and has a dynamic and stabilizing effect of the ankle. The patient feels an immediate effect since he can walk normally again and can even run.

The orthosis InnovPulse is for patients, children and adults, with acquired or congenital diseases or traumas, following neuromuscular degenerative diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis), road accidents or domestic accidents, the consequence of which is a "drop foot ".


Strategic application domain: Medical Technologies

Application market: Neurology & Mental Health Disorders, Others

Type of activity: Medical device, Technology provider

Technologies: Others

Created on oct. 20th, 2017 - 3 employees



1A rue Edith PIAF 69740 GENAS



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