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The Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Cell (LBMC) studies the main questions of modern molecular and cellular biology: genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression and genome stability, oncogenesis, intercellular communication and intracellular signalling, cytoskeleton organisation, cell cycle, differentiation and cell death, energy metabolism and regulation of growth and longevity.   

Having access to appropriate model systems is essential for investigating and developing new functional approaches. The Laboratory has incorporated or developed world class expertise with mouse, zebra fish, drosophila, caenorhabditis elegans and yeast in addition to numerous cell models.

The LBMC currently comprises 148 people, distributed in 13 independent research teams, developing individual research topics. The recruitment of new teams is primarily dictated by scientific excellence and integrates the fact that the laboratory has the ambition to cover the main fields of eukaryotic cell biology so as to favour complementarities between research groups.

The LBMC also hosts clinicians and works to establish a research continuum spanning from the elucidation of fundamental cellular mechanisms to the understanding of the dysfunctions at the origin of human pathologies, mainly in the fields of oncology and neuromuscular disorders. In 2007, the LBMC created an extension in the nearby Hospital of Lyon Sud to develop translational research in oncology. Three research groups are localized there.



Unit code: U 1217 / UMR 5310
Affiliation organization: CNRS, INSERM, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)



ENS Lyon
46 allée d'Italie 69364 cedex 07 LYON



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