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The Institute of Light and Matter (iLM) is a joint research unit of University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) and Scientific Research National Centre (CNRS) in the fields of physics and physical chemistry. It hosts 300 persons and is located at LyonTech-la Doua campus. The institute covers a broad spectrum of expertise, particularly in molecular and material sciences, nanomaterials, optics and soft matter. The research topics include functional materials with innovative properties in optics, magnetisms, thermic, acoustics and chemical reactivity, new architectures based on nanomaterials, interfaces and soft matter, understanding and control of fluids and surface properties to generate new applications, interaction between light and matter to analyze materials, create new ones and understand ultra-short dynamics of matter and materials. Theory at iLM covers statistical physics, molecular simulations as well as advanced numerical methods.



Unit code: UMR 5306
Affiliation organization: CNRS, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)



iLMTECH Passerelle pour l'innovation

La plateforme technologique de l'iLM localisée sur le Domaine Scientifique LyonTech La Doua est une plateforme de synthèse et caractérisation de la matière sous ses différentes phases.

Contact: Brigitte Prevel - brigitte.prevel@univ-lyon1.fr


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