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OpeRA (Organ Protection and Replacement) is a Research Institute inside an Hospital, launched in 2012  through a plan for innovation standed up in Lyon (France).

This new center dedicated for a high-quality and cutting-edge research, brings together several expertises from labs and hospital departments that is managed by Pr M OVIZE (Chief Medical Officer in Louis Pradel Hospital dedicated to Heart and Lung). Based on its translational platform (localized inside the Hospital in the East of Lyon) and with a single ticket (?) for academic and industrial partners, OpeRa want to enhance therapeutic innovation.

The challenge for OpeRa stand for the understanding and discoveries of mechanisms, new treatments to care   partially or entirely  destruction of organs (of heart, kidneys, liver, brain) or damaged tissues linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetisis, obesity, inflammatory diseases, possibly leading to a transplantation, or even resorting to regeneration medicine. Many translational projects are running, from fundamental research to clinical trials, in a lot of  fields ; on nutrition (Pr M Laville, Dr H. Vidal), Inflammation (Pr P Miossec), transplantation (Pr E Morelon), regeneration medicine (Dr O Damour), medical imaging (Pr D Revel), viral hepatisis (Pr F Zoulim) and also heart infarct (Pr M Ovize).


Thanks to the Hospital and University environment, this research institute bet that this innovative translational approach founded on collaboration between academic and industries will offer in the close future some essential and innovative treatment and therapy helping to the wellness of patients.



Hopital Louis Pradel, 59 Bd Pinet 69677 Bron



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