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The unit is led by a neurologist and clinician scientist with a particular interest in epilepsy and image analysis. We have substantial methodological expertise in quantitative ligand PET and quantitative structural MRI (atlasing).


Our research interests include the use of imaging to - elucidate the neurobiology of epilepsy - work towards the noninvasive determination of epileptogenic areas during the presurgical workup - determine normal and abnormal patterns of brain changes over time, including in the neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease) - automatically classify medical images More recently, we have developed an interest in imaging methodology, including the development of simultaneous MRI-PET. The group has been involved in obtaining most of the major grants that have allowed the purchase and installation of France’s first MRI-PET in Lyon.



CERMEP - Imagerie du Vivant
59 boulevard Pinel 69677 Lyon/Bron



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