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Delpharm Biotech is a CMO specialized in In Vitro Diagnostics kits (IVD) or companion diagnostics, based in France.

Delpharm has a pure CMO profile meaning no internal development, no kit distribution : purely focused, on behalf of our customers, on already designed prototypes or IVD existing dossier to be industrialized or manufactured by Delpharm.


Delpharm Biotech is focused on 2 ImmunoAssays technologies Lateral Flow Immuno Assays or rapid diagnostic tests and ELISA.


Delpharm Biotech Lyon is now part of the Delpharm group, French CMO leader in pharmaceuticals.

Strategic development in both veterinary and human diagnostic kit markets.

Are you interested to rely on our industrialization expertise, please ask for us.


Strategic application domain: In Vitro diagnostic

Application market: Cardiology, Infectious Diseases

Type of activity: CMO - Production - Bioproduction, Medical device

Technologies: Antibodies - Protein - Peptide, Others

Created on march 28th, 2013 - 30 employees



2, rue Alexander Fleming, CS 30612 69366 Lyon cedex 07



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