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Design of new methods and instruments for animal’s MRIBackground: The development of MRI in France is in two main directions: - clinical imaging at 1.5T and 3T, - and pre-clinical studies on animals at very high field at 7 T to 9.4 T. All these MRI systems are very expensive both in acquisition and running costs. We propose new innovative methods and instruments to take advantage of low field permanent magnet MRI dedicated to medium size animal studies. This low field system allows to drastically reducing the costs without compromising image quality thanks to our specific designs.cirma is: - available to veterinary practitioners to support their diagnoses of animal from mice to anesthetized horses; - able to perform preclinical longitudinal studies  for health industry; - used to train veterinary students and others to practice MRI.


Strategic application domain: Veterinary Medicine

Application market: Neurology & Mental Health Disorders, Oncology

Type of activity: Diagnostics, Medical device

Technologies: Imaging

Created on march 13th, 2008 - 3 employees



1, avenue Bourgelat 69280 Marcy l'Etoile



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