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The ambition of the CIRI (International Center for Infectiology Research) is to promote an integrated approach on a broad range of host-pathogen interactions and, beyond being recognized as a top-level center dedicated to fundamental research on infectious diseases, to translate scientific discoveries into clinical or industrial applications, at least up to early proofs of concept.


Infectious diseases represent a major threat to human society (they are the second leading cause of mortality worldwide, with 15 million deaths per annum) but also to the animal and vegetal biodiversity with potential socio-economic damage when agricultural practices are affected. Thus, the control of infectious diseases requires a pluridisciplinary approach in which microbiology, virology, immunology, epidemiology, ecology and clinical practices must converge toward a unique goal.


The CIRI was created in January 2013 bringing together around 280 people (among them a high proportion of PhD students and post doctoral researchers) organized in 20 founding scientific teams with strong expertise on infectious agents, associated diseases and host responses with the aim to reach collectively five scientific objectives: 



• Objective #1: Integrated immunology for vaccination and biotherapies.


• Objective #2: Metabolo-infectiology and non-communicable diseases.


• Objective #3: Nosocomial infections.


• Objective #4: Emerging and highly pathogenic infections.


• Objective #5: Consequences of co-infections with human pathogenic agents.



CIRI will strengthen the links between Lyon academic and clinical research communities (Hospices Civils de Lyon). Also, through its strong partnership with operators boosting innovation and pre-industrial development (Finovi foundation, LyonBiopole, BIOASTER TRI) the CIRI will thus constitute a structure interfacing research on infectious diseases with the industrial world. The CIRI will also participate to the ‘Ecofect’ LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence), promoting a novel eco-evolutionary vision to tackle the dynamics of infectious diseases.


Furthermore, new teams, having expertise in same Infectiology disciplines or in other associated disciplines (e.g. epidemiology, pathology, etc), will be progressively recruited, through specific Calls at national and international levels, to complement the expertise of the CIRI, to broaden its impact in infectiology research and to reinforce its scientific objectives. 




Unit code: U1111 / UMR 5308
Affiliation organization: CNRS, ENS Lyon, INSERM, UCBL (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)



21 Avenue Tony Garnier 69365 LYON



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