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Automatic quantification of microscope images and associated services (CRO).

CARPACCIO.cloud operates in the Digital Pathology space offering a custom, high throughput quantitative and qualitative histological image-analysis service with unsurpassed quality and speed. Currently focusing on muscle cross-sections and biopsies, we measure key parameters, presented in an easy to read report to assist the pathologist in formulating a diagnostic or the researcher in appreciating the physiological state of the tissue.

Our solution is distributed as a full-service and will soon be available via internet anywhere in the world!


Strategic application domain: Medical Technologies

Application market: Cardiology, Rare disease, Others

Type of activity: CRO - Tools - R&D platform, Medical device

Technologies: AI, Analytical methods, diagnostic & Pronostic markers, Others

Created on oct. 3rd, 2017 - 1 employees



28 Quai Pierre Scize 69009 Lyon



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