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Biosellal is an animal health consulting and analysis laboratory. 

Our consulting and analysis laboratory is expert in Veterinary Infectiology and offers, via our Next Generation Sequencing platform, an innovative diagnosis. 

Sinc september 2015, BioSellal commercializes ranges of PCR and ELISA kits allowing animal infectious diseases diagnosis. Our missions :

- Animal pathogens detection (PCR and ELISA kits)

- Tailor-made manufacturing sequecing

- Council on the relevance of diagnostic methods to be used

- Managing molecular biology projects

- Validation of diagnostic tools in animal health

Our expertise :

- In virology : detection and genotyping of viruses affecting bovines (qPCR and NGS targeting BoHV-1, BoHV-4, BVDV) and pigs (PRRSV, PEDV).

- In bacteriology : detection of bacteria involved in bovines mastitis by qPCR from milk; identification of baceria by NGS for vaccine production. 

Our R&D teams are working on the development of innovative projects to meet your needs (PCR and ELISA kits) :

- for ruminants

- for pigs

- in poultry

- in pets


Strategic application domain: Veterinary Medicine

Application market: Others

Type of activity: Diagnostics

Created on feb. 15th, 2012 - 11 employees



317 avenue Jean Jaurès 69007 Lyon



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