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The main objective of our research laboratory is to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanismms of infection and cancer. and to develop medical applications of diagnostic or therapeutic interest. In infectiology, our intersts are focused on the type III toxin secretion system and on a newly discovered virulence factor (Exolysine-A) of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and on the host cell-pathogenic bacteria interactions. In cancer research, our efforts are centered on the mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis and tumor dissemination (invasuion, EMT) and on targeted therapies (protein-kinase inhibitors, anti-angiogenic molecules). 





Unit code: U 1036
Affiliation organization: CEA, CNRS, INSERM, UGA (Université Grenoble Alpes)



Bacterial Pathogenesis and Cellular Responses

Contact: Ina Attrée-Delic - ina.attree-delic@cea.fr

BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein) Family in Angiogeneis and Lymphangiogenesis

Contact: Sabine Bailly - sabine.bailly@cea.fr

Mechanisms of Cell Invasion in Angiogenesis and Cancer

Contact: Isabelle Vilgrain - isabelle.vilgrain@cea.fr


BCI, BIG, CEA-Grenoble
17 Rue des Martyrs 38054 Grenoble



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