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workshop – Metagenomics: the technology leap on microbiota study and its impact on One Heath applications







IMI and Lyonbiopole, are co-organising a workshop on April 5th, at BIOVISION.


In the past decade metagenomics, research on the genetic material directly recovered from environmental samples had a major impact on the study of the microbiome of different habitats, e.g. human, animal and environmental. Combined with the relevant environmental data, these are key tools to understand and intervene on microbiota functionality. This relatively new scientific discipline could be the thread of ‘One Health’ across the efforts deployed by all health-related stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors.


Some of the most studied niches of microbiomes today are located in humans and animals (e.g. gut, lung and skin). This new scientific focus has led to the development of a specific biotech sector that currently counts 200 small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, as well as IT companies specialised in making sense of the enormous amounts of data being produced. Among the innovative technologies developed by these companies, some are opening new medical applications – for instance modulating gut microbiota activity either as preventive or therapeutic medicine; addressing human and animal health; and bringing a transformation of the agro-food industry and perception of nutrition, environmental conditions and their impacts.


This workshop will bring together experts across these disciplines, while consolidating the discussion through the available metagenomic technologies on understanding the microbiota regulation.


The goal of this workshop is to identify the key factors and challenges in microbiome research for a better understanding of the environmental and agri-food impact on human health, ultimately leading to a better approach to One Health.


To register for the event, please visit the BIOVISION website.



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