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eureKAWARDS 2021



eureKARE believes strongly in the value of European innovation and supports disruptive research in synthetic biology and microbiome by creating and financing new companies. It intends to invest broadly into multiple projects per year. Among other ways to scout the most groundbreaking projects, eureKARE is launching the inaugural eureKAWARDS pitch contest.


If you are working on a fantastic synthetic biology project in your university lab, biohacking space or personal garage and looking to get a well-deserved head start then the eureKAWARDS is exactly what you need!


What we propose:

  • 1-year free access to eureKARE’s synthetic biology studio, including strategic advice, business development, networking with investors, counsel and support on non-dilutive funding to create your start-up
  • High visibility and promotion within the eureKARE Portfolio for fundraising including the possibility of milestone- based investment


Two special prizes from our partners:

  • CRISPR/Cas9 License for 1 year provided in partnership with ERS Genomics
  • 1 kick-start IP package provided in partnership with Potter Clarkson




To apply, follow the link:


All the information you need about the contest is available at


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