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Laclarée raises 2m€ for its seed round with two of the most active Seed investors in France and Germany.


Lyon, France. 2019, November 15 th

In Europe, more than 25 million presbyopes are unsatisfied with progressive lenses. Laclarée has patented an adaptive lens technology based on microfluidics in order to help these people. After 3 years of work in its labs, Laclarée has demonstrated a portable prototype combining the adaptive lens technology including today’s best refractive correction lenses (astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia). Thanks to this technology presbyopes shall retrieve their natural autofocus capabilities and see at all distances with an enhanced field of view, compared to state of the art progressive lenses. The fundraising now allows Laclarée to hire new talents in order to prepare the next fully integrated version of eyeglasses for a real beta-test, a key step before industrialisation in 2021 and market launch in 2022. “We are very happy that Kreaxi and HTGF join our venture, confirming our international ambition: it will be excellent for the development of our company” mentions the CEO, Bruno BERGE. “Because presbyopia affects almost all human beings after the age of 45 and progressive lenses still leave a significant part of the population dissatisfied, Laclarée targets a huge market of billions of eyeglasses in the world. We are convinced that Laclarée's team can bring a disruptive solution to the market thanks to its deep technology” adds Sébastien Touvron, CEO and Managing Partner at Kreaxi. Lucille Bonnet, senior investment manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds continues: “Laclarée´s eyeglasses are unique because they have been designed from day-1 to combine performance and aesthetics, which is key to unlock the existing and growing market potential.” 



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