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CALIXAR and ASTRAZENECA to publish New Insight on KCC2 architecture and function


CALIXAR announces the publication of a new article by CALIXAR and ASTRAZENECA in Scientific Reports (“Molecular architecture of potassium chloride co-transporter KCC2”, Agez M et al., 2017, Scientific Reports, Accepted).
KCC2 is a neuron specific K+-Cl− co-transporter that controls neuronal chloride homeostasis, and is critically involved in many neurological diseases including brain trauma, epilepsies, autism and schizophrenia. Despite significant accumulating data on the biology and electrophysiological properties of KCC2, structure-function relationships remain poorly understood.


This study describes the use of calixarene-based detergent to solubilize and purify full-length non-aggregated and homogenous KCC2. Specific binding of inhibitor compound VU0463271 was demonstrated using surface plasmon resonance (SPR). Mass spectrometry revealed glycosylations and phosphorylations as expected from functional KCC2. Electron microscopy (EM) revealed the first in-depth functional architecture of KCC2 highlighting its flexible multi-domain structure with variable anchoring points at the dimerization interface and a critical C-terminal extremity.
This first functional architecture of KCC2 will certainly aid rational design and structure based drug discovery focused towards the treatment of CNS disorders.


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